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What is sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is also popularly known as gastric sleeve surgery. This surgery is an innovative new surgical solution that narrows the stomach. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the best solution for people who are morbidly obese having a body mass index of 40 or above. This surgery is a type of bariatric surgery which involves both a restrictive and metabolic approach for weight loss by removing a major portion of the stomach. By removing a major portion of the stomach the amount of food the patient can consume is limited which leads to weight loss gradually. After sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach produces less ghrelin which is a hormone that triggers the feeling of hunger after which the patients experience a significant reduction in the hunger sensation between meals. The restriction of food intake combined with the reduction of the hunger sensation provides the patients with more control over their eating habits which automatically results in weight loss. 


Benefits of undergoing sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery removes ghrelin which are stomach cells that produce the hunger hormone. This is one of the major advantages of undergoing Sleeve gastrectomy surgery. As the production of ghrelin hormone is reduced drastically the patient’s appetite and sensation of hunger are dramatically reduced or eliminated. Following are some of the advantages of sleeve gastrectomy surgery:-

  •         This surgery does not require any intestinal bypass or foreign while the procedure is performed.
  •         No adjustments are needed for this surgery.
  •         This surgery is safest for patients over 400 pounds.
  •         The surgery leaves intestinal tract intact.
  •         This surgery allows the stomach to function normally.
  •         In this surgery weight loss is equal and better than any bypass or band surgery.

Procedure of sleeve gastrectomy surgery

In this procedure, part of the stomach that easily stretches to hold large meals is removed. Approximately 1/2 inch wide by 8 – 10-inch long sleeve-shaped stomach is left.  Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed as a laparoscopic procedure. While performing the procedure the surgeon makes around five or six small incisions in the abdomen. A tiny video camera and long instruments are placed through the small incisions made. While performing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy about 75% of the stomach is removed leaving a narrow gastric tube or sleeve. The section of stomach removed creates the hunger driving hormone ghrelin.  By removing the section of the stomach it results in marked decrease in ghrelin production and lack of hunger. In this procedure, No intestines are removed or bypassed. The entire procedure takes one to two hours.


Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India

Top bariatric surgeons in India perform complex weight-loss procedures with success rates of 85-90%. The costs sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India is very affordable as compared to any other country. The hospitals and clinics have world-class innovation framework alongside more secure and cleaner environment. The bariatric surgeons provide the best diet plan & effective exercise plan after the surgery.  Travcure medical tourism company in India has a large network of associated bariatric surgeons and healthcare facilities. Travcure aims to provide their patients with the beast deals for Sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Patients can access a wide range of services offered by Travcure such as accommodation, food, logistics, fixing appointments with doctors and visits to exotic locations.

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