Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Treatment In India           

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer occurs within the tissues of the pancreas. These tissues are a vital endocrine organ which are located behind the stomach. Pancreas play an important role in digestion as it produces enzymes which our body requires to digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Our pancreas also produces two important hormones which are Glucagon and Insulin. These hormones are responsible for controlling glucose metabolism in the body. Insulin helps cells metabolize glucose to make energy and glucagon help to raise glucose levels when they are too low. Pancreatic cancer may be difficult to locate because of the location of the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is more often diagnosed in more advanced stages of the disease.

Causes of Pancreatic cancer

Causes of Pancreatic cancer are still unknown. Pancreatic cancer can occur when the abnormal cells begin to grow within the pancreas which later forms tumors. Generally, healthy cells grow and die in moderate numbers but in the case of cancer abnormal amount of cell production occur which take over the healthy cells. Following are some other risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer:-

  •              Long-term diabetes.
  •              Smoking.
  •              Certain hereditary disorders.
  •              Chronic pancreatitis.


Symptoms of Pancreatic cancer

Symptoms of Pancreatic cancer are unidentified until it reaches the advanced stages. Following are some of the common subtle symptoms of pancreatic cancer:-

  •              Abdominal or lower back pain.
  •              Loss of appetite.
  •              Weight loss.
  •              Depression.
  •              Blood clots.
  •              Jaundice.
  •              Gallbladder enlargement.


Treatment for Pancreatic cancer

Treatment for Pancreatic cancer depends on the stage of cancer. Pancreatic cancer treatment is generally done with two goals which are:-

1.            To kill cancerous cells.

2.            To prevent the disease from spreading.

1.       Surgery: -The surgeons may recommend surgery based on the location and stage of cancer. Surgery is the only treatment that can remove the cancerous tumor from the body. Surgery is not an option in case if the patient is diagnosed with the advanced stage of cancer as cancer spreads to lymph nodes and other distant organs.

One of the following types of surgery may be used by the surgeon to take out the tumor.

  •          Whipple procedure: In this procedure the head of the pancreas, part of the stomach, the gallbladder part of the small intestine, and the bile duct are removed. Sufficient amount of pancreas is left to produce digestive juices and insulin.
  •          Total pancreatectomy: In this procedure entire pancreas, part of the stomach, part of the small intestine, the common bile duct, the gallbladder, the spleen, and nearby lymph nodes is removed.
  •          Distal pancreatectomy: The body and the tail of the pancreas and usually the spleen are removed in this procedure.

2.       Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy are given to kill the cancer cells in case any of them are left behind. A combination of chemotherapy and radiation is additionally given in the early phase of pancreatic cancer. Radiation Therapy utilizes X-rays and other high-energy beams to kill the cancer cells. The treatment may shrink the size of the tumor and slow the growth of cancer.


  •          Liver failure.
  •          Bowel obstruction.
  •          Weight loss.
  •          Abdominal pain.


Pancreatic cancer treatment in India

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