Affordable Shoulder Replacement Surgery India

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Various shoulder conditions can arise from injuries, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and fractures. The disorders can be treated with the Arthroscopy and minimal invasive surgical procedures. These are effective & safe surgical procedures to get relieved from extreme pain. A patient can get back to daily routine with Shoulder Replacement Surgery. The overall cost of the surgical procedure, medical facilities and physiotherapy is 1/4 in India compared to western countries. The entire healthcare industry is equipped withapool of qualified talent & cutting edge technology. The experienced orthopedic surgeons are known to perform surgical operations with extreme accuracy. Their minimal invasive methods result in small & quick diminishing scars, less instance of soft tissue injury, minimal pain and less morbidity. The majority of the hospitals are multi-specialized and accredited by various international organizations like NABH, NACL and JCI. Travcure consultants offer a cost-effective, customized and pocket fitting medical tourism package to the international tourist.