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Changes after pregnancy

A woman’s bodygoes through various physical & hormonal alterations in life right from her childhood, teenage to a complete woman.Especially after C-section, weight gain is quite distressing because losing those bulges,is almost impossible. Some naturally lose weight, but for some it is a big combat. Diet and exercising fails to recover lost body shape and the beauty. Many turn to surgeries, butwhich one is right for restoring beauty? Does it come in a package? How many bucks to spend? Many queries in mind, isn’t it? Below is the answer.


Restore beauty with Mommy makeover package

It is always better to visit a skilled surgeon who has performed numerous successful surgeries. He/she is a correct person who can explain pros & cons of the surgery depending on your skin type. It is recommended to wait atleast 6- 9months for plastic surgery after giving birth.


Mommy makeover is a combinational surgery package in which face lift surgery, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, mastopexy, liposuction, labiaplasty, total body lift and thighplasty  are done in one go. Women who have completely lost their body/breast shape, have excessive fat on arms/thighs & stretch marks all around tummy can seriously opt forthis procedure. Due to many advancements in cosmetic surgery procedure, a patient can choose minimally invasive technique for less scarring. It is the best option for a long run. Recovery time of this procedure depends on the chosencombination of surgeries and overall health of the patient.Initially, it will be a slight discomfortand you may feel lesspain or stretching of skin in the operating area, but after 6-8 weeks minimal scar and pain are completely gone. In this complete duration, body also gets used to this new cosmetic procedure. Deep scars may require some time,so it can be covered with concealer or makeup. Once you heal completely and try your old outfit, you will be overjoyed. Those shrunk jeans which were not worn and kept aside in a cupboard for years are fitting better on your waist. Your overall figure  and looks are more beautiful now than before!


India for Mommy makeover:                                  

Mommy makeover surgery is widely performed by the top surgeonsin India,which has much promising results. The saggy skin is entirely toned up and a desired body shape is achieved with this safe procedure. The recovery time is less which depends on the patient’s skin type and overall health. In other countries, this total package is available, but bit at higherside, whereas in India the cost is less. Associated surgeons of Travcure are very well known for their skills, they have acquired their degrees from world’s best college & universities. The hospitals use advanced technologies and have top most medical facilities to perform cutting edge surgical procedures. They are accredited by JCI & NABH organizationswhich are world renowned international organizations.

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